NASA researcher collects hailstones in Burkburnett

NASA researcher collects hailstones in Burkburnett

BURKBURNETT, Texas (TNN) - Burkburnett had a special visitor from NASA on Monday.

A geologist came to collect the large hailstone from the storm on May 22.

He said they want to study the water and how it collects on the hailstone.

They’ll cut it in half and look at the layers to see how it developed, especially with its unique size.

He said this is a unique opportunity as hailstones aren’t commonly studied because of how hard it is to collect them.

“Hail stones aren’t studied very much so this is a great opportunity for UTSA, for my research and for NASA to figure out what’s going on in these extreme events to cause these big golf ball, tennis ball, softball size hailstones and even bigger so that we can analyze them," said Thomas Nordstrand, NASA geologist.

He added that they are also collecting some from another storm in Del Rio in April, giving them a large sample size to study from.

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