Pucker up: Man drinks lemon juice through straw in record time

But why?

(CNN) – An Idaho man has a sour taste in his mouth after he drank a liter of lemon juice in under 17 seconds.

Why would anyone do that?

David Rush, a senior product manager at a tech company, has a reason.

He said does these sorts of stunts to encourage students to pursue science, math and engineering.

In the process of doing them, he currently holds 149 Guinness World Records.

So, he makes a habit of going to the extreme.

In this record attempt, Rush had to drink a liter of 100% lemon juice through a straw in less than 17.12 seconds.

He pulled it off in 16.53 seconds.

Some of his other records include the fastest juggler, slowest juggler and longest time balancing a chainsaw on the chin.

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