Ronny Jackson and Josh Winegarner face off in WF debate

TX Congressional District 13 candidates debate in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The two candidates in the Republican district 13 congressional runoff faced off in a debate Thursday night.

Both Josh Winegarner and Ronny Jackson are both seeking the nomination for the seat currently held by Mac Thornberry. The two gave their viewpoints before people head to the polls in just a few weeks.

Held on the first floor of Red River Harley Davidson, the two answered questions about their views on issues affecting the district and country.

Kicking things off moderators asked what the most important issue is facing the district. For Josh Winegarner it’s congressional accountability.

“When the people we elect forget who they work for and don’t listen to the people that they are supposed to represent that is when we start to see the anarchy that we have been seeing in over the last several days,” Winegarner said.

For Ronnie Jackson, it’s supporting a strong border and ensuring illegal immigrants in the country are not granted a pathway to citizenship.

“I am totally opposed to that. That is the first step to bringing people that are already here in and giving them rapid ability to vote in our elections right now and that’s what it’s all about,” Jackson said.

The two candidates have similar stances on seeing the defunding of the Department of Education.

“Another infringement on our constitutional rights as we have allowed the Department of Education to step into an area that they are not allowed to be in,” Winegarner said.

“Education of our kids is a state and local issue, I don’t want the federal government having any say so what so ever in the way I educate my kids or my grandkids in the state of Texas,” Jackson said.

Both also answered how they would support the relationship with Sheppard Air Force Base. For Jackson, it’s seeing what part of the newly created Space Force can be brought to Wichita Falls.

“We need to look at the mission set, what’s going to be in Space Force and we need somebody advocating for why we should be bringing that mission set here,” Jackson said.

“We need to continue to look for new missions that we can bring in to bolster the activity there at the Air Force Base,” Winegarner said.

The primary runoff election is just over a month away, early voting starts July 6th, election day is on the 14th.

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