Gov. Abbott talks COVID-19, education, equality and policing practices

Gov. Abbott talks COVID-19, reopening Texas, education funding, equality and policing

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott joined Anchor Chris Horgen Friday to talk about COVID-19 spikes in Texas, reopening the state, the state education budget, racial inequality and police training.

Gov. Abbott said he expects students to return to classrooms in the Fall and to be communicating and interacting with teachers and even other students.

“The goal is to have as much classroom time as possible," said Gov. Abbott.

He then talked about the racial divide and protests happening in Texas.

“What happened to George Floyd is horrific,” said Gov. Abbott. “Anyone that saw that video understood that it’s something that should never have happened and George Floyd should still be alive today. We need to understand that, whether it be racially motivated or not, there is a racial divide in the state and this country that must be bridged."

The governor went on to say the state needs policing practices that prevent murders like George Floyd’s from taking place.

“The last thing that we need to make clear is these calls that you see in some other states and cities about disbanding police, that is the wrong pathway to go down,” said Gov. Abbott. “We need our police officers. We need our cities, our communities protected and the way they’re protected is by police officers. Do we need better training? Sure. Do we need better equipment? Sure. Do we need to disband police officers and police offices? Absolutely not.”

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