Wichita County leaders plan after seeing spike in COVID-19 cases

Wichita County leaders plan after seeing spike in COVID-19 cases

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With new cases of Coronavirus spiking across Texas and in Wichita county, officials in the county are watching closely and deciding what actions they can take to help stop the spread.

“The blanket order right now for the state of Texas is not working and sure is not working for our community so we’ll see where we are at here in the next week or so, see where the numbers go and we’ll kind of react from there,” Stephen Santillana, Wichita Falls Mayor said.

In a new conference Tuesday, Wichita County Judge Woody Gossom announced the commissioner’s court will not make wearing a mask mandatory, but cities could make stricter orders.

“If they think that is necessary for their community then I want them to do it. But in that call I got the feeling that not everyone agreed and when I write a county order it’s everybody and so I don’t want to do that,” Gossom said.

Currently, Lou Kreidler, director of the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Health District says cases started going back up after businesses like bars and restaurants started reopening at higher capacities.

“Individuals are getting out, they are socializing, they are going to social events,” Kreidler said, “You know from what I’ve seen in the community we’re not doing a great job of either social distancing or wearing masks.”

With no order coming down from the state to require face coverings, Judge Gossom is asking retailers once again to step up and do their part to set an example of what we all should be doing.

“It’s personal responsibility, if we can get the retailers to do this we can turn this around without creating some kind of rule that is difficult to understand, difficult to enforce when we have control of this ourselves,” Gossom said.

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