Gov. Abbott talks COVID-19 spikes in Texas, TEA school guidelines, reopening the state

News Channel 6 interviews Gov. Greg Abbott

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott joined Anchor Brian Shrull to talk about the latest on the state’s fight against COVID-19, the recently released TEA school guideline draft and potentially delaying more openings across the state.

According to Texas’ COVID-19 Tracker, there have been over 120,000 positive cases, over 2,200 deaths and over 70,000 recoveries across the state.

“Everybody needs to understand there has been an increase,” said Gov. Abbott. “In fact, today’s numbers may show that even more people tested positive for today than yesterday.”

29 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Wichita County on Tuesday, bringing the total up to 230.

“It doesn’t matter what region of the state of Texas that you’re in,” said Gov. Abbott. “People need to recognize that this is spreading and as a result people need to go back to those best practices to contain the spread.”

Those practices include sanitizing your hands, maintaining distance from others and wearing a mask while you’re out.

“Remember if you don’t have to go to work or there’s no other compelling reason for you to go out, the safest place for you to be right now while this is spreading will be at home,” said Gov. Abbott.

The governor then talked about the future of Texas’ reopenings.

“We’re considering all options,” said Gov. Abbott. “We are taking affirmative actions to engage in some strategies that should reduce the spread and we are evaluating as we speak what our next steps will be about opening up.”

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