VITA tax prep launches online filing service

VITA tax prep launches online filing service

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted every part of our lives, even pushing back filing dates for taxes. With measures in place to keep people safe like staying at home and social distancing, places that help people file have adapted.

VITA’s service is moving online, meaning they can help walk people through their taxes without even seeing people in person. It’s being done to continue serving the community, safely.

You can follow a link to that service here.

“If we are still doing social distancing a year from now that’s going to really impact the services that I can provide,” Genevieve Anderson, VITA coordinator said.

“They can just do this right on the thing and talk to us and if we want to do a face to face with them because they are so used to coming up to see us we can zoom with them as part of the interview process,” Anderson said.

Through an online portal, people simply go step by step, entering the required info and documents.

“You put all your information in there. They send you a link back that is a personalized link, no one else can get into your business,” Anderson said.

For tax preparers like Sibyl Lapton, she believes this addition of a fully online service will be good for those who may have a hard time getting out.

“They don’t have to make the drive, they don’t have to come back, it’ll be so much better for some people,” Lapton said.

This allows those who truly need the free service to use it.

“If your income is below $66,000, you’re not self-employed or own rental properties or military, we can definitely do it through this program,” Anderson said.

The federal income tax filing deadline has been extended to July 15th, giving people a few more weeks to use VITA to get everything filed away for 2020.

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