District 13 candidates on running their campaigns during a pandemic

District 13 candidates on running their campaigns during a pandemic

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With the Coronavirus causing closure after closure of large gatherings and events, those running for offices had to adapt their campaigns.

Those looking to replace Mac Thornberry in the Texas 13th Congressional District told our team about what hardships they’ve faced running for office during a pandemic.

RONNIE JACKSON: “We kind of had to go to more of a remote campaigning, we did some town-tele-halls, some Zooms and some Facebook Lives.”

JOSH WINEGARNER: “It is different because you don’t have that same face to face interaction with people, reading body language, talking, getting to really know the people in this district.”

GREG SAGAN: “All the small-dollar donors are heading for the hills. they’ve lost their jobs or they’re redirecting their spending or they’re just settling down and just saying let’s wait until this blows over.”

GUS TRUJILLO: “For somebody like me who’s never ran for office it was like a double whammy where I had two things because I didn’t know how to run for office and on top of that, how do you do it completely virtually.”

As the Coronavirus continues to impact the state, going to the polls needs to happen safely. Texas Governor Greg Abbot told our crews Thursday its why early voting has been extended

“To make sure everybody is going to have an opportunity to in a setting that is not crowded at all,” Abbott said.

A hot topic issue for voting safely has been candidates’ views on mail-in ballots.

GUS TRUJILLO: “I think that we have to if we can in this election, we should have mail-in ballots especially for our most vulnerable people that can get this virus.”

GREG SAGAN: “I was active duty in the navy for about 12 years and we did all of our voting by mail, it never caused a problem, and I think that is an artificial issue to say that if we have voting by mail that it is somehow twist the results or it’s going to lead to voter fraud, no it’s not, never has.”

JOSH WINEGARNER: “There are too many areas there where somebody can collect those ballots. we could have somebody voting for somebody and they are not the name on the ballot.”

RONNIE JACKSON: “I think that they are just ripe with opportunity for voter fraud and abuse and I think that is what will happen if we go to a situation where we have mail-in ballots universally available for everyone.”

With early voting for the runoff election starting Monday, each of the candidates and the Governor are reminding people to be as safe as possible, using hand sanitizer, practice social distancing, and wear masks to be protected at the polls.

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