Police: Texas officer fatally shoots woman who stabbed him

Police: Texas officer fatally shoots woman who stabbed him

PLANO, Texas (AP) — A North Texas police officer shot and killed a woman Thursday morning after she stabbed him and another driver after a car crash, officials said.

The officer arrived at the scene of the crash in the Dallas suburb of Plano around 7 a.m. and checked on the people in both cars.

When the officer approached one of the vehicles, a woman got out of the driving seat and lunged at him, stabbing him in the arm, police told local media. As the officer backed away, the woman then stabbed the driver of the other car, police said.

Police said the officer shot the woman, who died of her injuries. The second driver and the officer were both taken to a hospital. Authorities haven’t provided details on their conditions.

Authorities have not released details about the circumstances of the crash, its severity or why it escalated into violence.

Plano police have not released the names of any of the people involved and did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the Associated Press.

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