Maniac’s Mansion reopens in downtown WF

Maniac’s Mansion reopens in downtown WF

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The coronavirus pandemic has forced small businesses across the country to close their doors for good. In Wichita Falls one downtown favorite has defied those odds.

Maniac’s Mansion has reopened their doors after being closed since April, and is now in a larger space where 8th Street Coffee was. Owner Marcus Magee says he couldn’t be happier to be back and the support he’s gotten from the community.

“You can come back like a phoenix you know we were very close of being done for the year,” Magee said.

In downtown, business owners couldn’t be happier to see the arcade reopen.

“Especially for us being the only kid establishment downtown, having Marcus right next door is mutually beneficial for everyone and plus we love him, he is so much fun,” Shauna Larocque, owner of Crashworks Studios said.

“My kids love him, he’s such a great addition to downtown so I’m really excited to see that he’s not fully closing down, that he’s back and we’re still neighbors on the same block because we love him,” Brooke Willis, owner of B Cocoa Artisan Chocolate said.

To those complements, Marcus says thank you.

“You know this is just step one we reopened, step two is to come one out. We’re safe, we got a lot of stuff on deck,” Magee said.

With state-mandated capacity limits and for some all-out closures, Marcus wants people to never give up on their dreams.

“I just want to let everybody know that you can do it, you just got to hold on and power through it,” Magee said.

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