News Channel 6 City Guide: Davis & Blevins Gallery

News Channel 6 City Guide - Davis & Blevins Gallery

SAINT JO, Texas (TNN) - The News Channel 6 City Guide is a segment that shines a spotlight on local businesses, events, and nonprofits across Texoma. This episode, we’re taking a trip to Montague County for a look inside the Davis & Blevins Gallery. It’s a unique and historic art gallery that sits in the heart of Saint Jo’s downtown square.

“We have a wonderful variety of artists from, literally all over the country. About half of them are from Texas and Oklahoma and the rest are from Connecticut to Oregon. I’ve been in the art world for a long time so I know a lot of wonderful artists who were willing to give me a shot at selling their work in the middle of nowhere, practically, when we first started this,” gallery owner and artist, Donna Howell-Sickles said.

Davis & Blevins, The Main Street Gallery opened its doors in 2010. Restoration of the first building, which now houses the gift shop, began two years earlier in 2008.

“We did it, not because I had always aspired to be a gallery owner, but because we needed to make some kind of statement of faith about the retail future of Saint Jo,” Howell-Sickles said. “2008 was a really bad year. Both gas stations closed. The grocery store closed for the second and final time. There wasn’t much. In fact, I don’t think there was anything but the bank, and the bookmaker and the newspaper open on the square. So, it was a time that somebody needed to say, ‘We’re not done yet.’”

The building next door was purchased and restored to become part of the gallery in 2013. It allowed for more space to display fine art and expansion of the gift shop.

“We’ve filled it full of unique and amazing gift items. These are things that are mostly artisan-made or you can’t find them just anywhere,” office and gallery manager, Ginger Borden said.

You can find art of every kind from artists across the country in this beautiful gallery. They’ve had visitors from all over the globe.

“This gallery brings to this community, one is just a beautiful location and a beautiful setting to come [and enjoy.] It brings in art and discussions of art,” local artist and gallery gal, Willetta Crowe said. “So, we may have people who are artists and they’re trained in it, have gone to a university and studied it. We have people who are just natural artists and they’re creating things. [...] And then we have people who just come in, and again, it’s kind of like this surprise that they didn’t know we were here. They just have an appreciation for it.”

Be sure to make plans for a day trip or weekend getaway to visit the Davis & Blevins Gallery and take in all the amazing artwork on display in Saint Jo.

“You’re going to find so many things that will shock and surprise you. We’ve got wineries. We’ve got this beautiful gallery full of beautiful art. We have restaurants, motorcycle trails, beautiful scenery [and] landscape. If you want to get out of town, especially, come out here to the country. You will be amazed at the things you can find in this little burg right here. [There’s] just awesome things right here in Saint Jo and this gallery is a diamond shining here in Saint Jo,” artist and gallery gal, Marsha Hofbauer said.

You can find the Davis & Blevins Gallery on the downtown square in Saint Jo at 108 Main Street. It’s open Wednesday through Sunday. For a closer look at gallery hours, featured artists and more, head to

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