Pamlico Air brings over a hundred jobs to WF

Pamlico Air brings over a hundred jobs to WF

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Pamlico Air was founded in 2019 and has now expanded to Wichita Falls. Their production lines make air filters, and this plant has created more than 100 new jobs for those in and around Wichita Falls.

The company is located in the old Stanley Tools building. Renovations there took about six months to get everything ready for Pamlico.

They officially opened their doors in mid-May, right in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re better off today than if we would have waited for everything to clear up and then start,” Travis Stephenson, CEO of Pamlico Air said. “We’ve already sold major retailers out of this location, fulfilled orders for multiple wholesale and commercial industrial accounts out of here.”

The company makes it a priority to hire those in the community the plants are in.

“We also hire from within so if we are moving people up it’s going to be the ones that have been here, we don’t try from the outside we want to keep everything in the community,” Michael Parsons, the plant’s manager said.

That community is making something that will be seen and used by people across the United States.

“It’s unusual when you get an opportunity to find the right place in the right sized building the right workforce and the right local people that kind of like-minded like we are,” Stephenson said. “And understand what it takes to get things done and that’s why we’ve been able to get so much done in a short amount of time.”

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