GRAPHIC: Wilder autopsy report suggests homicide, cause of death declared undetermined

Updated: Jul. 9, 2020 at 4:43 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The autopsy report for for Jason Wilder McDaniel, 2, done by Dallas County medical examiners suggests an asphyxial cause of death.

However, after a complete autopsy that included toxicology, histology and a review of all available investigative information and medical records, the cause and manner of Wilder’s death has been declared undetermined.

According to the report, Wilder was found to have numerous petechiae on his head, palpebral conjunctive bilaterally, and neck.

It goes on to say the scene information is irregular and highly suspicious of homicidal death.

Wilder was reportedly placed in bed with pillows and bedding that had no blood on them.

The report says the next morning, Wilder was found on the floor beside his crib with apparent blood near his mouth. Blood was also reportedly present on both the pillow and bedding still in the crib.

There was no explanation for how Wilder ended up on the floor, the bloody items and where the blood came from.

Wilder was also found to have numerous abrasions on his lips.

The report says all of this evidence, including the abrasions, blood on the pillow, the petechaie, point towards a homicidal death in which someone else placed the pillow over Wilder’s mouth and lips, smothering him.

Wilder was also noted to have contusions on his forehead, multiple areas of subscalpular hemorrhage within his neck and scattered contusions of the extremities.

The report says it is possible these injuries may have occurred because of a struggle.

The cause of death may be amended if additional information becomes available.

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