Backyard swimming pool sales up during pandemic

Updated: Jul. 10, 2020 at 6:08 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -Public pools and water parks are open, but this isn’t stopping people in Wichita Falls from shelling out some cash to enjoy pools in the comfort of their home.

Dr. Jerry Meyers just replaced his spa about a month ago and said having a pool or a spa during this time brings him a great deal of peace.

“It’s what keeps us sane in our spas and our pools and stay at home as much as we can for sure,” Dr. Jerry Meyers MD, pool owner.

Donna Buckingham has been selling pools and spas for a long time, and this year the demand is greater than ever. She says business is up 100 percent.

“Crazy year and we’re blessed and thank you for all the business but it is also the chain line is it starting to fall down a little bit on getting more supplies, but we’re fully stocked right now,” said Donna Buckingham, co-owner of Outback Pools and Spa.

She and other pool suppliers say getting shipments in have been a little rocky and is causing longer wait times.

“People calling for above grounds right now and they are low on stock on in-ground,” said Tish King with Master Pools by Atlantis Aquatic Group. “We’ve had problems with filters, pumps and stuff like that. Not as much as chemicals because we do what we call early bought. So we do our big buy-in October so this coming October, it might be a different story, but we bought all of our stuff in October for our year for 2020,”

Owners attribute the uptick in sales directly to people staying at home due to COVID-19, with camps closing, vacations canceled and nowhere else for kids to go.

“The kids are driving them crazy, they have to have something to do at home,” said Buckingham.

With more pool time, manager Jimmy Cooper says it’s important to monitor everyone’s safety.

“Especially with kids in backyard babysitters or swimming pools, you always want to make sure that there’s an adult out there watching at all times,” said Jimmy Cooper, Outback Pools and Spa Store Manager. “Then, of course, for chemical wise. So you always want to make sure that the water is balanced because I’ve seen some pretty nasty burns and some things that can happen when water is acidic.”

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