Polling station safety on Election Day

Polling station safety on Election Day

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - When you head to the polls for the primary runoff election things are going to be a little different. It’s because extra safety measures are being taken to keep people safe.

Masks, sneeze guards and sanitizer are just some of the things you’ll see across Texoma.

“People in a line they tend to come together so if you have a mask on it’s going to help you and someone else but especially someone else if you sneeze or cough,” Woody Gossom, Wichita County Judge, said.”

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In some places, like Archer County, the number of polling locations have been reduced.

“We have consolidated all of our polling locations down to just one location here at the Archer County Activity Building,” Christie Mooney, Archer County Elections Administrator, said.

Located at 512 West Cottonwood, Mooney says it’s been done to ensure everything can be done safely.

“It’s a large space and it’s not as confined as some of our other locations,” Mooney said.

There, voters will be met with hand sanitizer and markings to social distance. Election workers will be behind glass and in masks.

“Every piece of equipment that a voter touches is disinfected and sanitized after they leave,” Mooney said.

Judge Gossom is hoping for the best and that people go vote in a safe way. He adds that a rise in COVID-19 cases would not be good for the state.

“The governor has said that if things continue to rise like they’ve been then he might shut down more of Texas. We do not need that, we need people to wear masks, sanitize their hands,” Judge Gossom said.

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