Art continues to inspire and bring people through COVID-19

Local artists and galleries make art available to the community

The arts and COVID

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The Wichita Falls Arts Association is a gallery that showcase pieces from local artists for a minimal fee, and now they are finding ways to continue to teach through art.

Local artists like Kohi Zenji who is a graffiti artist, hopes that through his artwork people will learn to accept all types of different art.

“We want to be able to use that word and especially people in the Wichita Falls community to understand that when that when they hear the word graffiti they see this and they see inspiration.” said Kohi Zenji local Wichita Falls artists.

Even though The Wichita Falls Art Association is open to the public, they plan on having programs for children at the Farmer’s Market.

To find out more information on The Wichita Falls Arts Association visit their website

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