Texoma man competes on History Channel show Forged in Fire

Texoma man competes on History Channel show Forged in Fire

HOLLIDAY, Texas (TNN) - A Texoma man got a rare opportunity to be on the History Channel show Forged in Fire.

Chad Kennedy has been passionate about making knives for years and even began selling a few here and there but never did he aspire to take his talents to television.

“It was something fun for me to do, and I didn’t really ever plan on making money doing it,” said Chad. “But, you know, as I got better, I just started selling more and more and it’s really helped me, especially with the oil field slowing down. I’ve been able to make a little extra side money and stay busy.”

Then one day a casting director from the show Forged in Fire reached out via Instagram.

“I called him at work, and I was like, honey, they sent me this message, this girl, and I read it to him, and I was like I think it is like, legit, I think it is real,” said Jenny Kennedy, Chad’s wife.

A welder by trade, Chad Works on his knives from a small workshop in his backyard in his spare time. He recalls working on the show was a total 180 from what he usually does.

“It’s way different working in front of a lot of people than it is at home. But you know, I like I kept telling myself the whole time I was like, it’s just me and the metal,” said Chad.

CHad attributes some of his skills to his late mentor Jerry Star and is passing some of those tips to his competitors, now turned good friends.

“We hit it off and became good friends, we still talk every day,” said Chad. “Just working alongside the other contestants and they mention this a lot on the show about the camaraderie between the contestants.”

He and his new friend say the show challenged them and pushed them to their limits.

“It was just really difficult nerve-racking, so of the things, I was looking at some of the other guys to see what they were doing,” said another contestant Gary Bird.

Though it wasn’t easy, it was a great opportunity.

“Chad, Matt, and Jean have been just invaluable and have really been pushing me forward, and you know the skills that I have,” said Bird.

Part one of the show airs next Wednesday at 8 p.m. and part two will air the following week.

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