MSU Texas tasks force hopes to make students return to campus as stress free as possible

Plans are set in place for students and staff for this upcoming semester

MSU Texas COVID Task Force 6 p.m.

WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS (TNN) - MSU Texas university officials have created a tasks force to help students and staff return to campus be as seamless as possible.

Weekday classes officially start on August 24th and the task force spent the entire summer coming up with ways to make sure students would feel safe and comfortable when they returned to campus.

“We know that students benefit from in person experience there are certain things that just don’t lend themselves to online or a virtual environment we really need the physical presence and the hands on interaction.’ said Dr. James Johnston, Provost MSU TEXAS.

Some of the plans they came up with include online submissions forms that students and staff can fill out in case they began to feel ill.

Which goes directly to the on campus clinic and the hr department, and also utilizing students pursing health care degrees for contract tracers if needed.

The tasks force made sure to include the input of staff and students in their plans for this fall semester, which they hope will help the focus on grades and teaching and less on COVID-19.

“Everyone in this room everyone in campus shares all of these concerns and that we’re excited to get in the classroom and see our students again.” said Dr. Sarah Cobbs Associate Professor of Mathematics.

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