Blitz on 6 Preseason Preview: Hirschi Huskies

Blitz on 6 Preseason Preview

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - We begin class 4A Blitz on 6 Preseason Previews with the Hirschi Huskies.

The Huskies have a good core of senior leaders that head coach Antonio Wiley says he is confident will lead the younger players in the right direction.

“Senior leadership, I need those guys to lead,” said coach Wiley. “Lead from the front and do everything right so we can set the mold for those younger guys.”

Leadership and speed, two things the Huskies will not lack this season.

“We can run, up front our line is really quick, and our defense all can run really well,” said coach Wiley.

“We have a lot of speed this year that we didn’t have last year, and we got a lot of skill players this year that can step up for us,” said senior Antonio Wiley Jr.

Senior leadership is one of the biggest factors in the 2020 season for the Huskies.

“I think we have a special group of young players and we have the potential to be a really good football team if we can get it all together,” said coach Wiley.

Despite coronavirus concerns, the Huskies never stopped putting in work.

“We’re still going to be cautious, still going to have to do checks on kids and all that stuff but you know what I’ll take it any day of the week,” said coach Wiley.

“To be honest we just kept working we weren’t really phased on the corona situation we were just out here working every day,” said senior Chris Murray. “It’s our last year, it’s special.”

“Remember it’s a game, love every moment, have fun build bonds that’ll last a lifetime with your teammates,” said coach Wiley.

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