News Channel 6 City Guide: United Regional Foundation

News Channel 6 City Guide - United Regional Foundation

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The News Channel 6 City Guide is a segment that shines a spotlight on local businesses, events, and nonprofits across Texoma. This episode, we’re taking a closer look at the United Regional Foundation.

You might associate it most with the work done with the Children’s Miracle Network but it provides so much more to this community.

“The United Regional Foundation is an organization that advocates for health and wellness in our community, both inside United Regional [Health Care Systems] and outside in the community,” Noel Filer, foundation director said.

The United Regional Foundation has been heavily involved with the Children’s Miracle Network for the last 30 years. But most recently, the foundation has grown to continue work with community health.

“We’re deeply committed to improving community health,” Filer said.

They’ve added community interventive care and community preventive health to the foundation’s mission. A place where that part of the mission is put into practice is at the United Regional Transition Clinic.

“The transitional care clinic is a clinic that was established several years ago to fill a gap for patients that are discharged from the hospital or are coming out of the emergency room, or in the community that don’t have access to care. They need a bridge to primary care, a bridge to sub-specialty care, helping with medications,” Dr. Brian Hull, director of the Transition Clinic said.

One of those patients is Charlie English. He’s been coming to the Transition Clinic for just over a year. He went to the emergency room because he was having trouble breathing. It turned out he had pneumonia but while he was in the hospital he got an x-ray that showed a spot on his lung.

When he left the hospital, he was sent to the Transition Clinic to receive additional medical care. Since he did not have health insurance, Dr. Hull was able to find a provider to give English a free biopsy that proved he had cancer. Thanks to the Transition Clinic and the Community Care Fund, English was able to receive the care he needed.

“They take care of everything. For a while, since I couldn’t work anymore, or do anything [to bring] in an income, they actually paid my rent for about four months. Which is great because the only thing worse than overcoming surgery or going through chemotherapy is doing it homeless,” English said.

Your donations to the United Regional Foundation help make this work possible.

“I want people to know that we are genuinely passionate about helping people live a healthier life. Wichita County ranks near the bottom of counties in health statistics and if we do nothing about it, can you imagine what it’s going to be like in 20 years?” Filer said. “We have to act and the foundation is part of that action plan to move our community to better health.”

For more information about the United Regional Foundation and how you can donate, head to

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