Organizations prepare to help with Hurricane Laura

Wichita Falls Faith Mission has 100 empty beds ready for evacuees if they need them

Hurricane Laura help

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita Falls Faith Mission is offering beds to men, women, and children who may have been displaced from their homes because of Hurricane Laura.

The mission has two shelters both equipped with larger rooms that sleep up to eight for those having to evacuated with their families.

“We usually have around 50- 60 percent occupancy of beds and with regards to Hurricane Laura and the evacuees that may be headed this way we’d be happy to make our beds available to them.” said Steve Sparks CEO of Wichita Falls Faith Mission.

Sparks says while there are an abundance of beds there is still a concern of COVID-19, and if more people were to come into the shelter they will just have to adjust their daily routines.

Such as serving meals outdoors instead of in their dinning hall, and handing out clothing inside one at a time.

The Wichita Falls American Red Cross Chapter is also prepared to help by having 30 volunteers on stand by, ready to be deployed to any of those effected cities along the Gulf Coast.

They are also ready to provide temporary hotel housing for evacuees if needed.

For more information on how you can donate to The E=Wichita Falls American Red Cross visit their website or how you can help Wichita Falls Faith Mission visit their website.

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