City of Wichita Falls partners with non profits to push for 2020 Census counts

Census does more than just count people in a household it’s used to determine how much federal funding a state will receive

Wichita Falls Census update

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The final date for residents to finish filling out their 2020 U.S Census forms is September 30.

However according to city officials Wichita Falls is only at 62.7 percent of household accounted for, which is one percent up from August’s count.

“That’s a combination of self response by individual plus the count obtained through the census takers with their tablets however it’s only at a national and state level so we definitely know that the numbers locally are higher.” said Karen Montgomery- Gagne Wichita Falls Planning Administrator.

The city of Wichita Falls had to cancelled it’s Blitz week because of COVID-19, which would have allowed them to reach residents through community events.

Now city officials have partnered with several Wichita Falls non profits in order to reach those “hard to count” residents, they work with everyday.

Some of those “hard to count” residents include the elderly, children under five years of age and people who live in rural areas, which are usually the ones who rely on the help of non profits the most.

“When your working non profit and you’re serving the population it’s important for us to have those funds because the more funds we have the more population we can serve.” said Beth Maywald Wichita Falls United Way Early Childhood Coalition.

To find out how you can fill out your 2020 Census forms visit.

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