Texoma firefighters battling wildfires in California

Texoma firefighters battling wildfires in California

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wildfires continue to rage on the American west coast and it means hundreds of firefighters have been called upon for help.

In Texoma, crews from the Wichita Falls Fire Department and Iowa Park Volunteer Fire Department are now on the ground in California.

Assistant Fire Chief Donald Hughes of the Wichita Falls FD said they have sent 5 firefighters and one truck.

“They are dealing with fires that are so large they’re having to check weather on the north and south end of it because it’s 80 to 100 miles long,” Hughes said.

This is the third time the WFFD has sent crews to assist with fires in California, twice being in 2018.

Hughes adds their crews are deployed through the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System or TIFMAS.

The Texas A&M Forest Service office in Burkburnett is even sending two of their own. One to California and another to Colorado.

“As long as we are not having a bad fire season and we don’t have a lot of stuff going on, and the request comes in through the Governor’s office like this one did or however they are through, we’ll send whoever we can spare and is available who that can go,” Regan Reeser, Regional Fire Coordinator, said. “Its great that we can help our neighbors and anyone across the state or the us like that because then when it comes around our turn and we need the help, they’ll come help us.”

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