Free lunch for some students in Texas school districts next week

Starting September 21 students will receive free breakfast and lunch

Free lunches for students

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture has extended it’s Kids Eat Free Bill, which allowed districts that offered free meals during the summer to continue into the winter.

Lunch for elementary students costs $2.65 cents and $2.75 for secondary students, rounded that a savings for parents of about $60 dollars per month, per child.

“76.6% of our students within our district qualify for free and reduce lunch but we also have other students that don’t qualify and we’re certainty appreciative and grateful that the USDA flexibility program is allowing us to feed our students.” said Jeff Bryd Superintendent Vernon Independent School District.

The USDA free lunch is being offered to students all across the country but it’s up to each state and school district, to choose if they have enough in their budget to participate or not.

“Right now we’ve got the money to fund it until we’re reimbursed but at the end of the day our number one priority if you ask any superintendent their going to tell you the same thing if a student is hungry their not going to be worried about learning their going to be worried about eating.” said Jeff Bryd Superintendent Vernon Independent School District.

Free lunch will also be provided to those students learning virtually, but parents must pick up those meals from the schools.

Schools districts that will be participating in the free lunch program this school year include Vernon ISD, Electra ISD, and Wichita Falls ISD.

To find out if your school district if offering free lunch through The USDA Kids Eat Free Bill contact you schools or visit their official website.

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