The latest on COVID-19 cases across Texoma

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TEXOMA, Texas (TNN) - Here’s the latest on COVID-19 cases that have been reported across Texoma.

The Texas Department of State Health Services has released the number of positive COVID-19 cases reported in every public school district in the state of Texas. You can view that data by clicking here.

Wichita County

One new death and 81 new cases were confirmed in Wichita County by the health department on Thursday. This is the highest number of cases confirmed in a single day since the pandemic began.

MSU Texas also confirmed four new cases on Tuesday, with one staff member and three students testing positive. A total of 64 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the campus community since July 1.

Wichita Falls ISD confirmed also confirmed new cases on Thursday, with two coming from McNiel Middle School and one at Scotland Park Elementary.

The Wichita Falls HS football team has been quarantining as well, with their return date set for Oct. 13.

City View ISD sent a letter to parents on Thursday confirming one new student has tested positive for COVID-19.

Burkburnett ISD officials confirmed Thursday the high school will be closed Friday due to five new confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Young County

In Young County, the Graham Regional Medical Center is reporting they’ve seen a total of 592 COVID-19 cases with 468 of them recovering.

The county has also had 10 deaths and 4,137 negative tests. There are 34 tests pending at this time and one patient has been hospitalized.

Staying in Young County, Olney ISD announced Wednesday the school district will be closed until next Tuesday due to COVID-19 concerns; this announcement includes the cancellation of any school activities originally scheduled during this time period.

Montague County

In Montague County, the Nocona News reported the county has seen a total of 200 positive cases, with 14 more being classified as probable cases.

The county has seen a total of six deaths, 183 recoveries and 1,935 negative tests.

The Nocona News also reported that the county has had its seventh death, but that it won’t show up on the state tracker just yet because the death certificate takes 10-14 days to process.

Baylor County

Baylor County Emergency Management officials reported two new positive COVID-19 cases on Thursday. This brings the county’s total up to 87 cases, with 22 still being active.

The county has also seen two deaths, 63 recoveries and 393 negative tests.

Archer County

According to the state of Texas COVID-19 Tracker, Archer County has seen one death, 89 positive cases and 87 recoveries.

Holliday ISD confirmed Thursday a majority of students from the high school band and varsity football team have been quarantined due to COVID-19 concerns.

Clay County

Judge Mike Campbell reported Wednesday the county has 11 active cases, with 8 of them being at Henrietta ISD and one being at Bellevue ISD.

At last update, the county has seen one death and 61 total cases. Judge Campbell will be providing a more recent update on Friday.

Wilbarger County

In Wilbarger County, the Wilbarger General Hospital is reporting a total of 230 COVID-19 cases.

20 of these cases have come since last Friday.

Other Counties

Over in Knox County, Health Authority Dr. Rodney Sholty has confirmed the county has seen nine total COVID-19 related deaths.

Knox City-O’Brien CISD is closing for 14 days after the county local health authority determined most of their students in the high school and junior high were considered in close contact with four students that tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the state of Texas' Public Schools COVID-19 Tracker, Knox City ISD has seen a total of 25 cases with 18 being student and 7 being staff members.

Munday ISD, another Knox County school district, has also seen COVID-19 cases. The state tracker shows they’ve had 14 total cases with eight being students and six being staff members.

The Childress Regional Medical Center is reporting 13 active cases for Childress County, 39 active cases for Hardeman County and 44 active cases for Foard County.

Quanah ISD, located in Hardeman County, also temporarily shut down earlier this week due to COVID-19 concerns.

In Haskell County, the County Judge is reporting the county has seen 72 total cases and 70 recoveries, leaving only two active cases. The county also has three deaths listed by the state, but these were not reported by local hospitals or doctors.

Throckmorton County Memorial Hospital is reporting they’ve had a total of 18 COVID-19 cases, two deaths and 10 recoveries.

The county also has four tests currently pending.


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