WFISD bond supporters excited for the future of the district

WFISD proposed campus walkthrough

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Wichita Falls ISD has released a new virtual walkthrough video of what the high schools included in the 2020 school bond could look like.

If passed, the $290 million school bond would build 2 larger high schools to replace the three currently being used.

The bond would also and build new recreational facilities for both schools.

The new models feature an open floor plan, state of the art learning, and room to grow.

“The old facilities are still functional,” said Superintendent Michael Kuhrt in a February interview with News Channel 6 on the proposed bond.

“They still allow for a seven or eight period day, but they don’t provide for the learning environment that I think students today need,” said Kuhrt.

If the school bond passes in November, the two new high schools would be placed on the East and West side of town.

“It’s a huge opportunity to invest in them,” said Ben Hoover, a supporter of the bond proposal. “For them to experience facilities, they get to engage in 21st and 22nd-century type learning.”

The layout in the video shows similarities to the current Career Education Center on Hatton Rd.

“The importance of our kids getting 21st and 22nd century things is so important,” said Whitney Henderson, another supporter of the school bond.

“I want to see my kids in the future when I have them and my nieces have things that they can’t get right now because our schools are so old,” said Henderson.

The two hope this video will convince voters to invest in the future.

“We have been trying to pass this bond for years since I was in high school almost 10 years ago,” said Henderson. “Our students need to be able to have a competition at least academically.”

“It is what we have to do for the next few decades to give our kids opportunities that our students have in cities around us,” said Hoover.

The school bond will be included in the November election.

For more information about the proposal, click here.

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