Seymour residents start petition to improve Hwy 277

Highway 277 Petition

SEYMOUR, Texas (TNN) - On the evening of September 14, 20202, Kelly Fest was in the emergency room at Seymour Hospital when she saw a scene that she will never forget.

“I started watching all these people coming in,” Fest said, “missing arms, legs, hands, feet, screaming, covered in blood.”

Thirty people in a Greyhound bus and the driver of a pick-up truck had just collided on Highway 277. As a longtime Seymour resident, Fest said she’s tired of it.

“We’ve done this over and over and over at this intersection and I’m done,” she said, “enough is enough.”

Fest and other Seymour residents want an overpass built at the intersection where the wreck occurred to try and make it safer. She and her friends have been standing outside businesses, churches and schools trying to spread the word.

“I’m going to rally the troops and hopefully it’ll work,” she added.

The petition will go to TxDOT, who said the process is going to require more work than that.

“We’ve actually been applying for ten years to get some sort of overpass built at that area, or an even bigger improvement,” Adele Lewis, TxDOT’s public information officer for Wichita County, said.

Lewis said the last time an overpass was built, the final cost was $48 million. Getting that kind of funding from the state is something she said isn’t as easy as just asking for it.

“So it’s not like we get the money and spend it how we want. We have a little bit of money we can spend as we want," she clarified, "but in the bigger sense we can’t.”

Fest said she doesn’t care how long it takes to get an overpass built, or how much harder she has to fight.

“Even if it takes five or ten years,” she said, “do what you have to do because we have to get this done.”

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