City gets green light to start 7th street railroad resurfacing project

The 7th Street railroad crossing has been an issue in Wichita Falls for decades

7th Street railroad

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Finally after three years of negotiations The City of Wichita Falls has finally been given approval by the Burlington Northern Sante Fe to began Phase One of the 7th Street railroad crossing revitalation.

The Wichita County Action Network(WeCan) has been partnering with the City of Wichita Falls to get this project done.

The City of Wichita Falls has set aside $350,000 to begin the resurfacing project, that BSNF will be helping match.

The resurfacing project is just a small stepping stone to Phase Two, which will include building a pedestrian overpass.

"I had a friend a few years bac that got impatient tried to cross the tracks while the train was on the tracks and they had to amputate his foot because he fell and slipped and had a bad accident. " said Allen Smith Leo’s Fish & Chicken Shack.

The city hopes to have the resurfacing project completed by the end of 2020 and the pedestrian overpass within the next five to ten years.

Phase Two the pedestrian overpass is estimated to cost around one million dollars or more to complete, depending on features it may need to offer residents walking.

WeCan will be partnering with both downtown and East Side businesses, for letters the city will present for federal grant applications.

To find out how you can participate or donate visit the WeCan website.

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