Midwives recognized during National Midwifery Week

More women are turning to at home births versus in hospital care

Midwives recognizes all around the world with National Midwifery Week

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Oct. 4 marked the first day of National Midwifery Week, celebrating an alternative way of bringing life into the world.

The practice of midwifery has been around since the beginning of time, when it was tradition for women to have births at home.

While midwives aren’t doctors, but they do help expecting mothers get through the physical challenge of child birth.

“A midwife looks at thinks like blood pressure, making sure the babies are doing well, and making sure the mother is staying low risk,” said Lenora Neeper, a certified midwife at The Wichita Falls Birth & Wellness Center.

Neeper says in the last ten years women having started having less hospital births and using midwives, because they offer a more natural holistic birthing experience.

Once a month The Wichita Falls Birth & Wellness Center has a “Meet the Midwife Day" for mothers interested in midwifery.

To find out more information visit The Wichita Falls Birth & Wellness Center website.

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