Hometown Pride Tour: Tales N' Trails Museum

Updated: Oct. 6, 2020 at 8:57 PM CDT
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NOCONA, Texas (TNN) - On the next stop of the Nocona Hometown Pride Tour, we’re taking a trip to the past and exploring the history of north Texas at the Tales N' Trails Museum.

“Nearly everybody that comes in here is amazed that it is what it is in this small town," said Nell Ann McBroom, Tales N' Trails Museum executive director.

From Native American artifacts to old Texas trade goods, visitors at the Nocona Tales N' Trails Museum can become immersed in a first class history of the community in just a few short steps.


“We try to present the story so that people understand where we came from as Nocona and as north Texas," said Gale Cochran-Smith, Tales N' Trails Museum Board of Directors vice president.

The museum is broken down into five main areas: leather goods, oil and gas, western heritage, agriculture and Native American culture. A fan favorite of the museum, however, is the animatronic figure of Miss Edin Justin.

“Citizens here, that have been here, that have deep roots here, are very passionate about preserving this history," said McBroom.

With over fifty volunteers, many of the artifacts come from the collection of Joe Benton, a former trailblazer in the Nocona community.

“We don’t just house artifacts and show stuff that people walk in and go 'oh look at that, that’s a thing.’ We actually tell a story about the thing, where it came from, how people used it," said Cochran-Smith.

With so much history to showcase, work is now being done to renovate the barn behind the museum to preserve even more Nocona stories.

“This is a whole unique set of history that I’m enjoying exploring," said Cochran-Smith. "It’s just really, really cool and it’s really neat to have a community that basically puts their arms around that history and wants to preserve it.”

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