News Channel 6 City Guide: Wichita Falls Area HIPPY Program

News Channel 6 City Guide - Wichita Falls Area HIPPY Program

WICHITA COUNTY, Texas (TNN) - The News Channel 6 City Guide is a segment that shines a spotlight on local businesses, events, and nonprofits across Texoma. This episode, we’re taking a closer look at the Wichita Falls Area HIPPY Program.

“We provide educational, research-based curriculum and supplies for parents of two to five-year-olds,” Amanda Alpers, the Wichita Falls Area HIPPY coordinator said.

“I actually discovered the HIPPY program when I was at the Burkburnett Library,” Kathryn Brammer, a parent in the HIPPY program said. “I really wanted to use the HIPPY program because it’s a wonderful program. It includes everything. The HIPPY instructors come into [our] house. They bring this wonderful bag of the packets, and the books, and all of the crayons, and scissors, and everything is included.”

The curriculum and activities walk alongside what these children are learning in pre-school and kindergarten.

“Our program covers the techniques for the parents to work with their children to get them ready for kindergarten,” Alicia Green, a HIPPY home visitor said. “So, they’re going to work on their shapes, their language, their literature. We’re going to work on the verbiage they need to.”

The curriculum can also be provided in Spanish. HIPPY has a Spanish-speaking home visitor to work with Spanish-speaking families. So, English as a second language, or ESL, is not a restriction for the Wichita Falls Area HIPPY Program.

“What I want the community to know most is that this program is available and I want them to be able to utilize it for working with their two to five-year-olds. We work with grandparents, aunts, uncles, biological parents, adoptive parents. We’re just ready to work with whoever is ready to engage with a child,” Alpers said.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to sign up your child, give the HIPPY office a call at (940) 434-0026 or visit the Wichita Falls Area HIPPY Facebook page.

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