“We’re one step closer to getting justice,” Wilder McDaniel’s parents react to Staley arrest

McDaniel family reaction to Staley's arrest

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - On Thursday morning Wilder McDaniel’s parents got the call: James Staley had been arrested and charged with the murder of their son.

“I’ve been wanting to scream from the top of my lungs since October 11th,” Amber McDaniel, his mom, said.

“I didn’t think it was going to happen at all for a while,” Bubba McDaniel, his dad, said.

In their Justice for Wilder shirts, signs and jewelry, Wilder McDaniel’s family waited in the parking lot of the Wichita Falls Police Department training center for the official announcement of Staley’s arrest.

“He’s finally been named, the person who’s murdered my son,” Amber said, “and I can’t ask for anything more.”

It’s a day that Wilder’s father didn’t think was going to come.

“The arrest is huge to me right now because part is the part that starts it all all,” he said.

District Attorney John Gillespie said a trial could be nearly two years away, but that timeline doesn’t worry Amber and Bubba.

“I’ve waited two years with them never naming a suspect, so I will take another year or two to get forward and where we need to be," she said.

In a case that has captivated the Wichita Falls community, the McDaniel family said now is not to the time to stop the support.

“We still have a long ways to go, and we’re not going to stop and we hope the public isn’t going to stop with us,” Amber said, “I hope they’re all here for the long haul.”

Wichita Falls Police would not say if Amber was no longer a person of interest in the case. Her family has been told, at the moment, all efforts are being focused on getting evidence together for James Staley’s court case.

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