Hometown Pride Tour: Nocona Sports Complex

Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 7:40 PM CDT
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NOCONA, Texas (TNN) - Friday marks our fifth and final stop on the Nocona Hometown Pride Tour.

We’ve focused on what’s already in town and now we’re looking at what the future holds: A new sports complex.

“It’s a very exciting time to be here in Nocona," said Tony Dirker, Nocona Sports Complex president.

After over eighteen months of planning, Nocona is nearly ready to break ground on one of the town’s biggest projects in years.

“Selective sports, it’s a huge industry," said Dirker. "We’re a very sports minded community and what bigger bang for our buck is to put in a sports facility.”

The 65,000 square foot sports complex will feature six basketball courts and a number of turf field for baseball, softball and soccer. Dirker sees the facility as being a hub between Dallas and Oklahoma City that will host over fifty tournaments a year.

“Since I came to this place I was drawn in to the kindness and hospitality and just the love of the people," said Dirker.

The sports complex will also have a vocational school with three different classrooms. Secretary of the project, Donnona Culpepper, hopes this will encourage Nocona residents to go to school in town and ultimately stay in town to work specifically in the medical industry.

“We’re not going to do just jobs. It’s going to be a career path for the local people to stay here," Culpepper said.

With such much expected foot traffic after completion, many see this as the first domino in a long line of growth down the road for the town.

“Twenty years from now this will be a prosperous, growing, young town and you will see a lot more businesses, especially in the hospitality area, open up," Culpepper said.

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