Vernon ISD modifying virtual learning for some students

Vernon ISD modifying virtual learning for some students

VERNON, Texas (TNN) - School districts across Texoma are taking a second look at their approach to remote learning. One district is now saying kids not meeting certain requirements will need to return to the classroom.

Vernon ISD is giving parents notice this week that a small portion of the around 300 students doing class virtually are not meeting the state’s mandated attendance requirements. Those parents will have four options:

  1. Return to school for face-to-face instruction
  2. Withdraw to a homeschool program
  3. Enroll in a private school
  4. Transfer to another school district

Students without attendance issues will not see any changes.

“This is not a punishment, it’s for us to help the students,” Jeff Byrd, Vernon ISD Superintendent, said. “The system that we have in place right now for those kids is not being successful and if we don’t act and act in a hurry, it’s going to be too late for those kids to receive credit for the current grade they they are in.”

We reached out to Vernon ISD parents to see how they feel about the district’s decision; the responses were mixed.

“They are doing it for the best of the student, they want to student to receive the best education,” Veronica Fraticelli, who has family members in the district, said.

“If that’s what the school district has to do to help those students be successful than I would say that they made the right decision,” Melissa Elliot, a Vernon ISD parent, said.

Not all parents happy with how it’s being handled.

“We’ve had issues with teachers not calling back, we’ve had issues with teaches not returning emails,” said a parent who requested we not share their name.

Superintendent Byrd shared a look at what teachers' workload is like this school year.

“Our teachers get up and are at school at 7:30 a.m. and the work until 4 o’clock so remote instruction, if they are lucky they might can work on it an hour and a half or two hours during the work day, the rest of that’s done on their time in the evening,” Byrd said.

Some parents are saying it’s been technology and communication that have been a roadblock with remote learning.

“I feel there is more they can do to check on the remote students to make sure they are they are getting their work so they are not failing their classes and they are not being absent even though they are not, they’re just not getting the work because my daughter told me she never received those assignments or she would of done them,” A mother of students in Vernon ISD said.

“At the end of the day we’ve got to self reflect where we are at academically and resolve those issues,” Byrd said.

Superintendent Byrd adds that any parent having issues with remote learning or if they have any questions should reach out to the district. A hotline has been set up for just that. Superintendent Byrd can be reached at (940) 553-1900 Ext. 2236.

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