Young voters have hopeful turnout

MSU students hope to come out to polls in numbers

Young voters and the election

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - As early voting has begun in Wichita County, there is a sense that many young voters amongst the student body at Midwestern State University will make their way to the polls.

“There definitely seems to be a lot more motivation to vote in this election, not just from one side but from both sides, both the republican and democratic students here on campus,” said MSU Texas Democrats President Luis Edgar SernaMartinez.

SernaMartinez says that social media has been a good indicator of this compared to years past.

“Especially on social media, definitely,” said SernaMartinez. “It definitely seemed like there was a lot of people fired up to vote back then, but now it seems like it’s even greater.”

MSU Professor of Political Science Dr. Steve Garrison sees the effects of the pandemic and the absence of a normal college experience as reasons why we could see more young people at the polls.

“You come to college and you have to wear a mask. There are all kinds of things you can’t do that are part of the college experience,” said Garrison. “A lot of concerns are over whether there’s going to be an economy with job opportunities for students when they graduate. I think all those issues are just driving more of an interest in the future of the country.”

Overall, Garrison sees this generation of voters more invested than in the past.

“This generation is a little more interested in the shape of things, in the future as it is,” said Garrison. “But, I think the pandemic has really kinda ramped that up.”

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