City View ISD getting rid of virtual learning due to student failure rates

City View ISD ends virtual learning

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With just over half of virtual students failing their classes, City View ISD has decided to no longer offer remote learning.

Data from the past three weeks shows administrators that virtual learning isn’t working.

The decision to nix it all together, however, has parents feeling left with their hands tied.

“Giving six days notice is not enough notice to give parents to find alternatives,” Angela Leon said.

With three kids in the district, one in high school and two in elementary, Leon said she wishes she had more time.

“I feel like it should have been maybe after the first of the year,” she said, “a couple of weeks at least.”

Time isn’t something Superintendent Tony Bushong said the district has anymore.

“If we waited three weeks, if we waited until the end of the semester, these students who are failing and continuing to fail, there would be no chance of them passing for the year," he explained.

It’s too many kids failing for him to put it off any longer.

“When you see those numbers, and one in every two kids is failing, we had to do something," he added.

It’s not just the failure rate that has the district concerned. Almost 20% of virtual learners aren’t attending classes at the secondary level, and at the elementary level students are falling behind their in-person peers.

“We view this as an opportunity for these kids to get back, to get on track, and let’s move forward,” Superintendent Bushong said.

For Leon, as a surgical nurse who has treated COVID-19 patients, the risk is too high right now and her kids will now be homeschooled.

“I can walk through and see patients that are affected by it hard and do I want my family or anyone to go through that?” she said, “no.”

As more parents figure out what to do over the next few days, Leon advised people to keep their options open.

“Look into different home-schooling options,” she said, “don’t let that be your only option if you don’t feel comfortable and safe sending your child back to school.”

It’s a decision Superintendent Bushong understands.

“There are other options,” he added, “so we’re not leaving people out there who say well we can’t do this.”

By Monday, City View ISD parents will have to choose one of four options: have their child attend school in-person, transfer to another district that offers remote learning, homeschool or do virtual learning through the state of Texas.

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