Some residents concerned about casting ballots through mail

Voters must meet certain criteria to be eligible

Mail-in ballot concerns

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Just four days into early election days, not all voters are headed to the polls due to COVID-19.

Some are deciding to casts their votes through the U.S. Postal Services, however not all voters are happy with The Wichita County Court House being the official mail- in drop off location.

“I said is there a secure box that I drop it in and she said no there’s no box you just hand it to the clerk and she’ll take care of it I mean I don’t know who this person is.” said Berta Perez a mail- in voter in Wichita County.

According to The Wichita County Clerk’s Office residents should not hesitate to drop off ballots at the courthouse, because voters must show their ID in order to casts their ballots.

Voters may also be hesitant to use mail-in voting due to fear of voter fraud, but according to MSU Professor Dr. Steve Garrison that is not likely to happen.

"It would take so many numbers the numbers would have to be so high and it’d have to be coordinated across all the different counties and state jurisdictions. "said Dr. Steve Garrison MSU Texas Political Science Professor.

However mail-in voting is not available for everyone, you must follow certain requirements for the State of Texas such as

Be 65 years of age or older

Have proven disability or illness

Voter who will be out of the county they are registered to on Election day and during the entire early voting period

Those incarcerated but are still eligible to vote

The deadline to send in application for mail - in voting is October 23

For more information on mail- in voting and other election information visit.

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