UPDATE: Sacred Heart releases statement regarding cemetery cleanup

Objects left as graveside memorials were damaged during a cleanup of the grounds

Sacred Heart Cemetery cleanup is a mystery


Father Jonathan Demma released the following statement regarding the destruction involved with the cemetery cleanup:

. (Source: Sacred Heart Catholic Church)

People who visit Sacred Heart Cemetery are noticing missing items after a crew came out to mow and trim trees a couple days ago.

The cemetery is part of Sacred Heart Church and has a crew take care of the grounds. A couple of days ago, items were cleared off of graves and the grass was mowed.

“They had mowed grass before and they had never done this before. They said it had to be removed to mow grass. No, this is not right," said John Duron, who has relatives buried at Sacred Heart Cemetery.

Statues, trinkets, and stuffed animals are some of the items near gravestones that have been thrown out in a dumpster and a trailer. Larger items like benches were removed to an unknown location.

“My hope is to reach out to the families, here in the near future," said Father Jonathan Demma, Sacred Heart Church. “To be able to meet with them one-on-one to see what we can do to help correct this. It never should have happened and I’m going to make sure that it’s heard.”

People are checking on the gravestones of their loved ones and showing up with more flowers to replace the ones thrown out.

Father Demma said a full written statement will be shared tomorrow.

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