Healthcare professionals urge people to seek care for COVID symptoms

Healthcare professionals urge people to seek care for COVID symptoms

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - The effects of the coronavirus continue to be felt and healthcare professionals are stressing just how important it is to see a doctor if you’re not feeling well.

“Don’t fall into the trap of it’s just allergies,” Kimberly Allgood, family nurse practitioner for Community Healthcare, said.

Allgood warns that the coronavirus affects everyone, not just the very sick.

“People that were previously well who don’t go to the doctor routinely because they are never sick, don’t take any medication are getting hospitalized,” Allgood said.

Current COVID hospitalizations are concerning for Wichita County health officials. The county announced 13 more patients were in critical condition Tuesday.

“The COVID patients that we are now seeing are generally sicker than those in the spring and summer,” Phyllis Cowling, President and CEO of United Regional, said.

So if you are feeling sick, see a doctor, especially if you have underlying health conditions.

“They are at increased risks for severe illness and if they were to contract COVID-19, at increased risk for mortality,” Allgood said.

Allgood adds it is safe to get the care you need.

“We’re doing as much telemedicine as we can for things that can be handled over the phone, especially that are routine follow ups,” Allgood said. “People have PPE on, we wear masks, patients wear masks inside the clinic if they are brought in.”

With safety at the front of everyone’s minds, there’s not excuse to not get checked out.

“We don’t want any patient to stay at home and not be sure and let something kind of get away from them and then they are very ill,” Allgood said.

Healthcare professionals want to warn everyone against COVID fatigue. It may be October but that doesn’t mean we can takes things less seriously. Wearing masks, social distancing and seeking care if you’re feeling sick is still so important.

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