10 months after fire, WF church begins to rebuild

New Jerusalem rebuilding

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - It’s been over ten months since New Jerusalem Baptist Church lost its annex in a fire. Now, church leaders are beginning the process of building an entirely new fellowship.

“Ecstatic that we’re building a new building,” Deacon Kerry Woodard said.

“It’s been a journey,” Pastor Angus Thompson said, “but we thank the Lord that we’ve made it this far.”

It’s a journey Pastor Thompson didn’t expect his church to ever be on.

“Who could have imagined a fire? A building burning down or pandemic? But we’ve learned so many things. We’ve seen so many things that’s made us a lot wiser,” he said.

“During these last ten months, God has really shown us who He is,” Deacon Woodard said, “Het’s really shown us his light.”

This new fellowship hall will be connected to New Jerusalem’s current building and have enough room for the church to expand its community outreach. Something that’s been necessary since the pandemic started.

“This will give us the chance to do the best we can under these circumstances,” said Pastor Thompson.

Right now the church is only able to hold food and clothing drives once a month. A new hall will give them the chance to serve nearly double the people they see now.

“If we’re able to do it twice a month that would help twice as much,” Barbara Sapp, the administrative assistant, said.

It will take about five months to build the new hall and that’s after Pastor Thompson gets permits and buildings plans approved by the city.

But to even see plans on paper in front of him has him hopeful for the future.

“It’s going to be a great day when we get it completed,” he said.

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