MSU Texas student reflects on self isolating on-campus

Updated: Oct. 23, 2020 at 10:20 PM CDT
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With COVID cases on their campus, Midwestern State University has adapted how they operate, and that includes protocols for what happens when someone’s exposed to the virus.

The university has set aside an entire apartment building for students who test positive. Kendal Kahrs, a sophomore at MSU Texas, tested positive in early October.

“They let me know, ‘hey you’re positive’, you need to move over here in the next hour,” Kahrs said.

He caught it from his roommate. Once notified Kahrs moved into one of the 48 apartments allocated for self-isolation.

“It was significantly much bigger and more open but I still felt that isolation of it’s a big area with no one else there,” Kahrs said.

Kristi Schulte, the residence life and housing director, thanks the university’s students for doing their part to keep others safe

“I think they understand that this is our of making sure that we keep the campus community safe and we make sure that we’re keeping any possible exposure from spreading into the classroom,” Shulte said.

Shulte adds they’ve not seen a high percent of students living on campus testing positive. The highest number of beds in use at one time was four. Currently three students remain in self isolation. Many more are in quarantine, including the football and volleyball teams.

“We have 127 students today in residence life and housing,” Shulte said.

Others are bringing a bit of joy to those isolating, hoping to brighter the spirits of those who cannot leave their rooms.

“If they now there is a student who is quarantining or in self isolation who might be struggling a little bit, who may be feeling lonely or cut off, they’ll go ahead and drop a note or just something special by their room to let them know we are still thinking of you,” Shulte said.

“They were very nice, they were very accommodating, they made sure you had all the supplies you need, you had the right people to talk to, they made sure you were taken care of to the best of their ability, to the best you can do for yourself,” Kahrs said.

MSU Texas is separating students into two groups when it comes to COVID. If someone tests positive they go into self-isolation. If there is possible exposure or a student is waiting on their own test, they’ll quarantine in their own rooms.

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