BBB offers tips for cyber security

BBB offers tips for cyber security

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Monica Horton of the Better Business Bureau joined Brian Shrull in studio to talk about cyber security awareness and how to stay safe when connected to the internet.

The BBB is warning residents of the risks when it comes to cyber security during National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

So many devices can connect to the internet now, ranging from cars, fridges, baby monitors, doorbells, heaters and air conditioners.

These devices may be convenient but they open up a lot of security and privacy threats, creating points of entry for hackers to use to their advantage.

The BBB has put together a list of tips to help residents protect themselves:

  • Be wary of social media ads. Don’t click on anything that sounds too good to be true and always research companies and other online sources before buying anything from them.
  • Secure any smart devices and consider installing anti-malware on your smartphone and other devices it is available on.
  • Configure and monitor app settings for privacy, encrypt your WiFi, name your router and keep your software up to date.
  • Use multi-factor authentication to secure your logins on websites and apps.
  • Change your passwords often and keep them long and difficult. A passphrase is more complex and may be more secure.
  • Never download or install files from unverified sources.

More cyber security tips can be found on the BBB’s website.

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