TxDOT crews pretreat roads ahead of icy weather

Road crews getting ready for freezing rain

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With ice and freezing rain expected overnight, TxDOT crews got to work, pretreating roads with brine.

“All of our sections are out pretreating bridges and overpasses all the way from Vernon out to eastern side of the counties over in Montague,” Adele Lewis, with TxDOT, said. “We’ve got plenty of materials in stock, we didn’t use much last winter so we do have plenty in stock right now.”

Trucks covered key areas with brine to prevent roads from freezing over. Continued light rain could throw a wrench in things.

“Say we get a large freezing rain event or too much rain before the ice gets here, it will completely wash the brine off the roadway and it will almost be like we started without anything,” Lewis said.

Overnight crews will begin laying deicing stone and possible more brine. The city of Wichita Falls has five trucks ready to deploy.

“Going into this storm the roads are still going to be fairly warm so we shouldn’t have too much icing unless it’s on overpasses, bridges, where the wind chill can be a factor in icing those over,” Teresa Rose, deputy director of the Wichita Falls Public Works Department, said.

Rose adds police officers on patrol can give them a heads up on where crews need to go.

“They’re out and about, driving around, they’ll be some of the first ones to see the accidents starting to occur, so they’ll find out what intersections and what areas need to get attention first,” Rose said.

For those hitting the roads tomorrow, safety needs to be priority number one.

“A lot of people think that we pretreat so they can go 75, no. You need to drive to conditions, and you need to slow it down, way down,” Lewis said.

Drivers should keep a close eye on the changing weather conditions and give themselves plenty of time to get where they are going.

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