School districts turn to virtual learning in lieu of canceling school during icy weather

Published: Oct. 28, 2020 at 6:41 PM CDT
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REGION 9, Texas (TNN) - Quanah ISD and Petrolia CISD’s superintendents said they knew the roads would be bad on Tuesday, and didn’t want to take the risk of students and staff driving.

So they figured: why not go virtual if it’s already an option?

“Let the kids get their time in,” David Hedges, Petrolia’s superintendent, said, “not have to make those minutes up in the spring so they can have a day off.”

“I just thought it would be better that we just try and keep the learning going,” Quanah ISD Superintendent Tom Johnson added.

Since early 2020, Petrolia CISD has been working to make sure every student is assigned their own computer. The initiative paid off when the pandemic hit, and the superintendent said it’s paying off now.

“That weather was nasty and slick,” he said," they didn’t need to be out there. So that was the perfect opportunity."

In Quanah Superintendent Johnson said it felt like the right move.

“The kids work on their computers every day so it’s not like it’s something foreign to them,” he said.

Both superintendents agree it’s a way to make sure schools aren’t stuck dealing with makeup days later and kids are still learning.

“We just think it’s a good way to keep kids involved in their learning and just not be completely falling behind,” Superintendent Johnson said.

“If students are out for an extended period of time, you can teach remotely and learn remotely,” Superintendent Hedges added," that way they don’t get a gap and get out of sync."

Virtual learning doesn’t mean the end to snow days, however. As Superintendent Hedges points out, even kids sometimes need a day off.

“It is definitely an option, you need kids to be kids,” he said, “at some point they need to have a snow day to go out and play.”

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