Wichita Falls mayoral candidate profiles

Wichita Falls mayoral candidate profiles

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - With a five-page long ballot, many seats in Wichita County are up for grabs.

Three men are looking to be the next mayor of Wichita Falls: Incumbent Stephen Santellana and newcomers James Huling and Kevin Hunter. Here’s what they say they would bring to the table as mayor:

“My thing is right here, if I have one thing to say is I’m trying to bridge the gap," said Huling. "Like I said, the older generation and younger generation, I’ve heard a lot of y’alls cries, I’ve hear a lot of the ups and downs of every business and nonprofit and I’m here today trying to make a change for you guys.”

“For me, 25 years of working for this community," said Santellana. “I also want to make sure that we all know that just voting no for everything is not going to fix everything because a lot of the times you have to make tough decisions sitting in this position for the city of Wichita Falls and everybody that lives here.”

“I’m against that hotel, but if we got to build it, give them the land," said Hunter. “I don’t understand why we’ve got to build a convention center, it’s going to be in direct competition with the Ray Clymer that’s down there.”

Election day is November 3.

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