National diabetes and prevention month helps residents stop diabetes

Diabetes can be controlled with proper care and exercise

Diabetes awareness and prevention

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -Health experts with the Texoma Diabetes and Endocrine Center say over the last several years ,there has been an increase in patients both men ,women and even children being diagnosed with type two diabetes.

According to The Texas Health Institute studies have shown that diabetes affects one in three adults in Texas ,90 percent of those are diagnosed with type two diabetes.

“That leads to circulatory problems heart attack stroke peripheral vascular disease and it can effect the capillaries in the body that’s the thing that leads to kidney damage and nerve damage.” said Dr. John Caras Endocrinologists Texoma Diabetes and Endocrine Center.

Dr. Caras says with proper diet and exercise the chances of getting diabetes can be lowered., especially in those that have a family history of it .

He also says residents should make sure their blood pressure stays normal and get regular checkups with their primary care physician.

For more information on diabetes visit the Texas Health Institute website.

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