Wichita County has official military overseas and provisional election results counted

The Wichita County had 3,000 military overseas and 150 provisional ballots to count after elction night

Wichita County releases final election results

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -The Wichita County Clerk’s office finally has all military overseas mail in election results counted just two weeks after The November 3 election.

Wichita County had 3,000 over seas military ballots and 150 provisional ballots left to be counted after election night.

The Wichita County Clerk’s office said while there were some marginal differences between some of the numbers it was not enough to cause a significant change in election outcomes.

“Nobody has to vote on anything they don’t want to if i want to go in and just vote on one thing that’s my privilage so anybody can vote on one thing or all the things or they can vote a blank ballot if they want to.” said Lori Bohannon Wichita County Clerk.

Bohannon says now that every vote is counted, the last step is for the state of Texas to canvas all votes collectively.

While The Wichita County focuses it’s attention on the Special Election on December 19.

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