November proving deadly month for COVID-19 patients

November proving deadly month for COVID-19 patients

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Thursday’s new COVID-19 cases report in Wichita County included three more death, making it a total of 16 deaths for the week so far.

In November, so far, 71 people have died from COVID-19; 30 of those contracted the virus in the last 19 days, making for 42.2% of the deaths this month.

Health officials are attributing the severity of these cases to neglected underlying health conditions.

“One of the things that we think may have happened, too, is people delayed care in the spring and the summer and now some of those underlying chronic diseases are being further affected,” Phyllis Cowling, the CEO of the United Regional Healthcare System.

As of Thursday, United Regional has 97 COVID-19 patients, of which 22 are critical. Doctors said in a press conference last month (Oct. 19) that it’s those underlying health conditions that are adding to those critical patients.

“If you’re sick, please come get help,” Dr. Daunne Peters, the president of the medical staff at United Regional, said, “the sicker patients are right now is because we’re not seeking care of diabetes and heart disease.”

While Cowling said this virus “isn’t going away anytime soon,” doctors are urging residents to do more to help slow the spread.

“Please keep your doctor’s appointments, come in when you’re sick,” Dr. Peters said, “that’ll help out a lot.”

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