Home experts give tips on keeping electricity bills low this winter

By follow these tips residents can save between 20- 30 % a month

Winter electricity saving tips

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) -As temperatures continue to drop in Wichita Falls, more people will be turning on their heating systems to keep their homes warm and toasty.

However this could also mean a higher electric bill, one more thing for residents to worry about paying for during COVID-19.

“Covering your window units putting stuff under your doors like a towel that makes a big difference in the utility bill try to keep heat in and the cool out.” said Ricky Weber, owner of Rick’s Handyman Service.

Home repair experts believe there are tons of things people can do to prepare their homes for the winter such as: replacing door stripping, sealing cracks with caulk, reversing ceiling fans to generate warm air, unplugging unused chargers, switching to LED light bulbs, and getting heating systems checked in the Fall before the start of Winter.

Many of these repairs are something that homeowners can do themselves and usually cost less than a few dollars.

“Five dollars you could go up to probably twenty feet so you could basically do all your doors.” said Ricky Weber, owner of Rick’s Handyman Service.

Weber says by doing these small repairs, it will save residents money in the long run and help with the longevity of your home.

“If you neglect it then the cost will be much more than if you keep putting it off keep putting it off so the simple maintaining is very important.” said Ricky Weber, owner of Rick’s Handyman Service.

For more information and a full list of energy saving tips visit the OnCor website.

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