Some small businesses are still struggling months into the pandemic

Business owners are thankful for the customers they get
Published: Dec. 18, 2020 at 8:19 PM CST
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WICHITA FALLS, Texas (TNN) - Ending the year in a pandemic is not anyone imagined when the year kicked off and many small businesses who have managed to stay open are struggling to make it to the other side.

Business owners are able to compare months before the pandemic to what they are seeing now.

“Now that everybody’s allowed to shop again. It’s still hard because I think people are still scared,” said Shay Leatherman, owner of Lassos & Lace.

Lassos & Lace opened in April 2019 and took a little time to get people to know of the new business. When the pandemic happened, the business closed for two and a half months.

“It was sad not seeing my customers and communicating and finding out how they’re grandkids were and how their son or their daughter is doing,” said Leatherman on the time of being closed.

During the shutdown, Leatherman did and continues to do giveaways to keep people interested in her business and get them to her page.

“There’s days that I didn’t have a customer at all. So it’s very different. The pandemic has definitely affected our business and the way people shop,” said Leatherman.

For another business, Drink and Clink, it’s still not fully reopened. Currently, it’s operating for private reservations.

“Before people didn’t even realize that you could get our stuff to-go. Now that’s the only thing that keeping us alive is all the orders that are placed,” said Brenna Pohlod, owner of Drink and Clink.

Drink and Clink’s sales have flipped. Majority of purchases are now desserts compared to alcohol sales.

Some businesses are not doing very well.

“If we continue the way we’re going, within the next year, you’re going to have another 20-30 small businesses in town that close and that’s extremely sad,” said Pohlod.

There are businesses doing better and not as worried about making it through the pandemic.

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